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All of a sudden, the temperatures have skyrocketed from pleasantly mild to a sweltering simmer!  It’s wonderful though, it means summer’s finally here!  I would dearly love some time to sit by a pool or even go to the beach, but unfortunately that’s not going to happen in the near future.

First it was Vera Wang, then it was Karen Walker, now Monique Lhuillier is doing engagement rings.

Awesome destination wedding, for drizzle mah nizzle shizzle dizzle.

Would you wear ear cuffs?  And separately, leave Bieber’s overalls alone.

Find out what Michelle Lee, model maker, looks for in a model.

Granola crusted nuts. (No dirty thoughts)

Sexiest LBD ever.

If you have some spare time this weekend, try this DIY Chevron Christmas tree, it’s got free downloadable templates!

Wouldn’t you love to work at this amazing architecture office outside of Madrid?

Have an amazing weekend, and I’ll see you on the other side!

PS.  Don’t forget the Pinterest Gift Guide.

Image credit – Picture of Melissani, Greece


I seriously love this ad.  I’d love to add a few “likes” of my own:-

  • A woman who loves playing video games
  • Who doesn’t ask her boyfriend if she can go out – she tells him
  • Who can eat a massive bowl of pasta and polish off a bottle of red wine and not once feel guilty about “carbs” or “diet”
  • A woman who doesn’t wear makeup
  • Loves animals and doesn’t mind having a rough and tumble with a puppy and a bit of slobber
  • Can dance the night away in heels, even if she has to take them off to walk to her car/cab
  • Who can fish, and camp like a dude

The “likes” in this advertisement pretty much describe all my closest girlfriends, who I admire and adore.  Love you all.

Via here.

This 88-year old Japanese grandmother and her cat make my heart melt.  Pets are amazing, aren’t they?  I remember the night before we got our puppy, Peach, we had a massive fight cos P wasn’t sure he was ready for the plunge.  Now the two of them are so close, I swear she’s taken my place in his heart – she’s always the one who gets the first cuddles when he comes home from work.

Via here, and Shoko also has a great blog post on this Grandma here.

You can probably tell from previous blog posts that I’m not the best bride – I’ve whinged to my besties more than once that I’m a failure female.  I hate the word “bride”, table cloths and napkins freak me out, place settings are stressful (am I using the right fork?) and…wedding dresses.  Hoo boy.

Prior to being engaged, I’d gone wedding dress shopping with a few friends and it was great fun.  I got to sit around and coo at the beautiful bride-to-be trying on dresses, play with tulle and organza, and I loved being there to offer my friends (hopefully!) helpful advice.  I was no wedding-fantasiser as a little girl, but I definitely thought about my wedding dress, and before being engaged I loved hearing brides’  stories about how they found The One (Dress), how there was a Moment where the planets aligned and time stood still and the animals were silent and the Dress was perfect.  Then it came to my turn.

My first time in a store to try on wedding dresses wasn’t even a bridal store.  It was Lisa Ho.  Yes, I know, she does bridal dresses, but I thought it would take the edge off by going into a store that wasn’t “bridal”.  As soon as I moved beyond her ready-to-wear into the back corner where her wedding dresses are displayed, I became very stressed.  I got short of breath, and my hands were sweaty and shaking.  Browsing through the racks of lace and jersey, I kept shaking my head.

I decided to up the ante a bit – maybe it wasn’t right because the dresses weren’t right, so I took my mum on a girly shopping day to Sydney and visited some of Australia’s Holy Grail of bridal stores – Helen Rodrigues, Anna Dafonte and Vera Wang.  Same thing happened – I think I frightened some of the sales assistants with my overactive sweat glands.

Long story short – wedding dress shopping wasn’t for me.  I have to admit, I’m a little sad – I really love me some pretty dresses and am seriously into fashion, so I thought this might be the funnest (is that a word?) part of wedding planning.  I was really looking forward to a “This Is It” Moment – I wanted chills, and tears, and popping of champagne.  But I should’ve known – I wasn’t the little girl fantasising about my wedding, or big white dresses or Prince Charming.

I felt like I’d been tricked.  I must have tried on 20-30 dresses, and I felt sparks, but no Moments, no violins, no operatic singing.  Where were the tingles?  You hear it on blogs all the time and when you gossip with your girlfriends about the bride that burst into tears upon finding the perfect dress, the loud-mouthed mother who went silent, the girlfriends chorusing together “You found the Dress!!”.    Do we get conditioned into thinking that there is a “Moment”?  Are we pressured into having that “Moment”?

So one dreary weekend, tucked into bed with my laptop in my lap browsing about ten different wedding blogs, feeling sorry for myself for being wedding-dress-less and Moment-less, thinking “Will I ever find my dress?  Why haven’t I had the Moment?  What’s wrong with me?”  Then I stopped myself short – I have my man who loves me, and who I love wholeheartedly back.  Who needs The One Dress when I already have my One?  And that, my friends, was my Moment.

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Good morning lovelies!

Hope you all had fantastic Thanksgiving weekends and that you all indulged in many sinful and delightful goodies!  I’m looking forward to snagging some Black Friday bargains online, so if I get anything I’ll be sure to let y’all know!

My liver took a bit of a beating this weekend with a girl’s night out on Friday night and my sister’s 21st bash on Saturday night, so this week will be a bit of a detox.  I’m looking forward to warm bowls of miso soup and mugs of green tea.

Also saw James Bond’s Skyfall this weekend and, without giving too much away, I have to say Oh. My. Gosh.  It was really good, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.  Daniel Craig is such a hottie!

How are you feeling after your weekend?  Feeling a bit ordinary?  How do you beat the morning-after (and sometimes the day after the day after) hangover?

Have a great Monday!

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Whew, it’s Friday!  It’s been a whirlwind week, but it’s finally here.  Unfortunately (or fortunately!) it’s going to be a whirlwind weekend too, but more on that on Monday when we reach the otherside.  I’ll be kicking off the weekend with a girl’s night out at Alfred & Constance (where I also went last weekend…looks like it might be a regular haunt for us!).

Have an amazing weekend, and check out these cool links from around the web!

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A love-heart print suit for your man – oh yes.  There’s also a scarf.

Chanel No. 5 and Marilyn Monroe.

Don’t forget the Pinterest Gift Guide!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my American buddies this weekend!  Even though us Aussies don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I think it’s still important to recognise what we are thankful for.

I’m so thankful that I have a great family and loving partner and my wonderful friends, all of whom I don’t think I could live without.  These people have stuck with me through thick and thin, and have bent over backwards to lend their support, and I honestly can’t give them enough hugs and kisses.

But this year, I’m particularly thankful for the latest addition to our family:

Miss Peach has brought so much love and laughter to our household, and my parents adore her to no end.  I could never have anticipated the happiness our little beard has brought us, and the genuinely funny schnauzer things that she gets up to.  We’ve had so much fun teaching her tricks, like “shooting” her dead, and she makes bad days never seem quite that bad.

I’d love to hear what you’re thankful for!  I hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving weekend!