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Oh my goodness, how adorable is this?  The lovely bride, Cyndall, secretly bought an 8 week old labrador puppy that her groom, Ben, had been begging for.  As the MC carried her down the aisle towards Ben, the photographer captured his reaction of bewilderment and joy.  What an awesome wedding day surprise!

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These sweet micro animals made me giggle.

Each are handcrafted from durable clay – these would be seriously perfect to use as placecards at a wedding.  Just attach a craft tag, and you’ve got your bonbonniere and placecard all in one tiny package!

From lovely Etsy store MadeWithClayAndLove.

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Just came across this amazing website called Clé Privée.  The founders, who invested two years travelling the world trying and testing every hotel and escape on the site, came up with the concept of giving a “key” as a gift to your nearest and dearest.

This key will let you access their perfectly curated selection of luxury hotels, unique adventure escapes or gift a work of art from their series of vintage images or current creations by rising artists.

Starting from 100 EUR to 4000 EUR, these are perfect for everyone who has a sense of adventure and a love of style and design.

Check the keys out here – Clé Privée Store

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This photo proves my point that chilli is seriously the cure-all in my life.  I reach for chilli when I’m sick and need sinus-clearing, when I’m hungover and in need of some seriously spicy salve…and when puppies escape our backyard.  I’m babysitting C’s gorgeous dog, Spike, but Peach + Spike = serious mischief, as I found out yesterday when I got an amused phone call saying the puppies were on the loose.  I know from hilarious experience that Peach is not a fan of chilli, so, armed with Sriracha and some bricks, I set to the house holing up any possible escape routes and spraying Sriracha for good measure.  I’ll let you all know if they escape again!

Hope you all have wonderful weekends, and here’s some awesome posts from around the web.

Phillip Lim for Target is confirmed!!  Whoo hoo!!!!!!

An inspiring read for Mothers Day, plus some fabulous gift ideas – hope you all give your mum the love and hugs she deserves!

Cheddar jalapeno biscuits – yes please.

Things no one will tell fat girls…shout out for body love.  This is awesome.

Pictures of people who mock a photographer – people can be disappointing sometimes.

This dress is achingly cute!

Behind the scenes pics of The Empire Strikes Back – reminds me that I really need to book couch time for a Star Wars weekend.

I’m seriously not a fan of jello, but these sound really intriguing.  Add vodka maybe?

The Designer Says – a funky book of quotes and quips of designers.  Would make a cool coffee table book!

A sweetly comedic outlook on depression – well worth the read, an insight into a debilitating disease that affects so many of us.


Love that signature Bruce Willis stare, don’t you?  He’s seriously the epitome of cool.  He was so dreamy in his hayday – I loved him in those Friends episodes where he was dating Rachel!

What are your plans this weekend?  Tonight I have to go shopping, and I’m hoping I’ll be successful in finding an awesome and wearable but still-conservative-enough-to-wear-to-a-cathedral-wedding dress for a good friend’s wedding tomorrow.  I’m charged with the duties of usher, pew bow-tie-er and mother-in-law babysitter.  There is a little pressure involved – after a phonecall giving us the rundown of duties last night (P is a groomsman), I dreamt that I was so late for the ceremony, I could only find and wear my jeans and I managed to offend the mother-in-law with a tongue in cheek remark.  Despite the dream though, I’m so excited, I can’t wait!

Hope you have lovely weekends, and here are some of my favourite links from around the web this week.

An article on the inspiration of Isabel Marant – “I am my own muse”.

The friendliest and unfriendliest nations for tourists.

The making of Pulp Fiction.

Definitely trying this recipe next – eggplant parmigiana.

And this recipe too, by the awesome Yotam Ottolenghi – baked orzo with eggplant and mozzarella.

An adorable Jennifer Lawrence interview with Vanity Fair – who doesn’t love this gal, seriously.

This place looks seriously amazing.

A mantra I try to live by weekly when doing my groceries.

Otherwordly – a blog about strange and beautiful words (via here) – cool words include “nazlanmak” and “jaaneman”.

Hot pink Chloe bag….my eyes just bulged, and my hands twitched for my wallet…


Couldn’t not post this.  I’ve always wanted to learn how to dance this.  Now I can!  Guess what I’ll be doing this weekend!  Will be good to learn for the (at least) seven weddings I’ve got coming up this year.

I’m also planning to cook up a storm – I’ve gone on a Mexican kick, thanks to my decision to try to eat vegetarian at least four times a week.  I’ve now discovered beans, and whoa, there’s no turning back for me now.  Love the stuff.  So this weekend will see tacos and enchiladas with refried beans in rotation, as well as cheesy nachos and maybe jalapeno poppers.  Who knew Mexican food was so freakin’ good!

Hope you all get your grooves on this weekend, and here are five great posts from around the web!

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Amazing sand drawings created using only a rake

Kaley Cuoco’s (Penny from Big Bang Theory) wardrobe – that girl has a LOT of shoes

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