These sweet micro animals made me giggle.

Each are handcrafted from durable clay – these would be seriously perfect to use as placecards at a wedding.  Just attach a craft tag, and you’ve got your bonbonniere and placecard all in one tiny package!

From lovely Etsy store MadeWithClayAndLove.

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How crazy is it that it’s autumn in Australia already – particularly when us Brisbane people have barely had a summer!  I feel like I’ve been ripped off!  I’m stubbornly refusing to believe the temperatures are descending so I’m still browsing the new Spring/Summer fashion lines coming out in the northern hemisphere.  The dark colours and trenchcoats slowly making their way into department stores have NO appeal to me at all.

What are your plans this weekend?  I’m gearing up for my friend’s hen’s night on Saturday night – we’re headed to Alfred & Constance, but before that we’re going shopping and hopefully getting makeovers.  P’s going to the stag night, and I’m told the stag has been bought a bunny outfit and will be made to go-kart and club as a bunny.  So any Brisbane readers out there – watch out for a bunny in the Fortitude Valley!

Hope you have a great one, and here’s some of my favourite reads this week from around the web.

Video of a baby who is supposed to be napping but is practising diving instead – so so funny.

Wanting this dress but wishing the tomato red version was still in stock.

Continuing my Pinterest obsession…a great visual resource for disorganised me.

A gorgeous engagement shoot – would you have one?

Love Jennifer Lawrence.

Was never a fan of leather dresses until this moment.

The happiest facts of all time.

Wholewheat pasta with brussel sprouts, cheese and potato – I love you Nigella Lawson

A seriously comfy looking chair.

Image creditClark Gable, Shirley Temple, Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland

I love Valentines Day – or at least I love the idea of it.  P and I don’t really give each other gifts but we always love an occasion to celebrate, even if it’s one that Hallmark blew way out of proportion.  But I don’t think Valentines Day should just be about couples – I love spreading the Valentines love to my friends and family too!  Hope these gifts help you to spread your love around!

00.large iPhone case for technology lovers – $25


Mountain pillows to bring nature to you – $49


Chili jam to add spice to his/her life – $12


Sweet pencils cos you’re so good together – $12


Who wouldn’t want this hilariously cute Domo – $14.99


Mini candles by Diptyque for a heady, beautiful house – $84


This delicious-sounding woody, citrusy scent by Chez Bond for cool, brash men $170

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Funny food stickers to stick on their fruit – $2.50 each

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Witty tea towels to make them laugh – $19.95


A cool poster for a wander-luster – $18.00


A silly t-shirt for your crush – $18.00

I totally love Garance Dore (I mean, who freakin’ doesn’t), so I was seriously stoked to discover that she’s selling her illustrations online!  Posters start from $40.00, and art prints, which are limited edition, numbered and signed, are $400.00 so there’s something for every budget.  Garance’s illustrations have that French chic aura down pat –  I would love to put some of these up in our study or living room for some parisienne flair.

Check out the shop here.

WEB-ART-PRINT-GARANCE-DORE-belle-de-jour_1024x1024 WEB-ART-PRINT-GARANCE-DORE-early-winter_1024x1024 WEB-ART-PRINT-GARANCE-DORE-le-monde-a-mes-pieds_1024x1024 WEB-ART-PRINT-GARANCE-DORE-my-cape_1024x1024 WEB-ART-PRINT-GARANCE-DORE-the-last-smoke_1024x1024 WEB-ART-PRINT-GARANCE-DORE-the-one_1024x1024 web-perfectfriends