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Oh my goodness, how adorable is this?  The lovely bride, Cyndall, secretly bought an 8 week old labrador puppy that her groom, Ben, had been begging for.  As the MC carried her down the aisle towards Ben, the photographer captured his reaction of bewilderment and joy.  What an awesome wedding day surprise!

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So looking forward to this weekend after a long week!  Tonight will be celebrating and catching up with family friends at a 21st at The London Club – it’s crazy to see kids who you’ve known since they were 5 turn 21!  Saturday night we’re helping clean out J and T’s fridge – we won’t see them for six weeks as they’re jetting off to Europe, so Bon Voyage!!  How exciting!

In the midst of the stress of wedding planning this week, I came across this quote from this amazing surprise carnival wedding:

There’s not too much say about the planning, other than “this too shall pass.” Whatever you’re stressed about is not that big of a big deal.

I need to tattoo this on the back of my eyelids – that, and “keep calm and carry on”.  Let people do what they want to do – you’re still marrying the love of your life.  OH, and wine is your best friend.

So have an awesome weekend – and if you’re in Brisbane, rug up, it’s getting chilly!

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Just came across this amazing website called Clé Privée.  The founders, who invested two years travelling the world trying and testing every hotel and escape on the site, came up with the concept of giving a “key” as a gift to your nearest and dearest.

This key will let you access their perfectly curated selection of luxury hotels, unique adventure escapes or gift a work of art from their series of vintage images or current creations by rising artists.

Starting from 100 EUR to 4000 EUR, these are perfect for everyone who has a sense of adventure and a love of style and design.

Check the keys out here – Clé Privée Store

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Just a few snapshots of a really fun weekend – involved a super teeny but totally crazy hen’s night, witnessing a good friend dress up in a Supre dress to go go-karting and suit up in a bunny outfit for his bucks, and taste testing a restaurant for our wedding bash.

The desserts of the restaurant (Pony Dining) were awesome (fig and rhubarb crumble tart and ice cream pops!), but I wasn’t able to try any of the fantastic-looking mains on offer – I was more interested in sinking my teeth into their wood-fired angus burger and fat chips to soak up the previous night’s excesses.  The hens was a definite success at Alfred & Constance, and if you’re wondering why I didn’t get any pictures of the buck in his dress/bunny outfit, well, I was just too busy doubled up with laughter to even think about snapping a pic!

Hope you all had wonderful weekends!

Hope you guys are all geared up for the weekend!  I’m planning to get my haircut – I can’t wait, my hair is most of the way down my back, it’s thick, heavy and feels like I’m wearing a wet dog on my head.  Not sure what style I’m going for though, but I know I want shorter and lots of layers!

I had to share these photos by Celine Kim with you – what an awesome idea to have a mid-wedding yoga session under a magical tree to get you and your guests ready for the big event!  The bride’s father even sketched the whole scene as it was unfolding as a sweet keepsake.  As a bride, it would be wonderful to have a few moments by yourself to stretch and focus on your body and mind!

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Their wedding looked unreal – check it out here.



Presumably you have better things to do on Valentines Day than to be spending hours sweating over the stove.  There are much more important things you should be sweating over.

Valentine’s Day in our household is celebrated in the merest of ways – definitely no fanfare, flowers or candy.  This year, we’re celebrating with another couple over dinner at our house, not because of Valentine’s Day, but because we totally forgot when organising dinner that it was Valentine’s Day.  Since this lovely couple is also getting married in just over a month, I really want to come up with a nice but simple menu for Thursday (come on, it’s a week night!) to celebrate their last Valentine’s as a pre-married couple.

This recipe could be right up my alley – two ingredients, you read that correctly.  Eight ounces of your favourite high-quality chocolate and 6 ounces of water, and you’ve got yourself decadent and indulgent chocolate mousse.  All you gotta do is melt the chocolate and water together, whip them together like a crazy person, and spoon into ramekins!

I would love to hear about your plans for Valentine’s Day.  Do you celebrate it?

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