Loving Free People’s latest safari-inspired collection entitled “Sidewalk Safari”.  The collection draws inspiration from the four corners of the globe with tribal prints, detailed embellishments, warm colours and as always, big on the bangle arm-party.

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Just came across this amazing website called Clé Privée.  The founders, who invested two years travelling the world trying and testing every hotel and escape on the site, came up with the concept of giving a “key” as a gift to your nearest and dearest.

This key will let you access their perfectly curated selection of luxury hotels, unique adventure escapes or gift a work of art from their series of vintage images or current creations by rising artists.

Starting from 100 EUR to 4000 EUR, these are perfect for everyone who has a sense of adventure and a love of style and design.

Check the keys out here – Clé Privée Store

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I’m now less than a week out to a birthday that pushes me well into my twenties (well, glaring down the barrel to 30 is probably more like it), and this post got me thinking that I think about taking a few more (calculated) risky adventures.  Notice how I said “think about”.

I haven’t done many crazy things – I went canyoning in Slovenia, slipping down rock slides, abseiling down waterfalls and ziplining through jungles.  Mountain biking through Cat Ba island in Vietnam was a definite thrill.  Jumping off a three story boat in Ayvalik was seriously scary.

But I’d like to have a few more adventures – more crazy things to tell my grandkids.  Unfortunately since I had my laser eye surgery, I won’t be able to bungee or skydive but I’m sure I’d be able to find something!

So I’d love to know – what are the most extreme activities you’ve done?  I’d love to hear your adventures, and live vicariously through you if you’ve bungee’d or skydove!

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How awesome have the Fashion Weeks this month been?  I seriously love Fashion Week – it combines my three great loves: Fashion, Travel and Photography!

Sorry for the radio silence!  It’s been super hectic on this end – I’ve been distracted by ridiculous wedding-related things that I never wanted to get distracted by!  I don’t care about colour schemes – I barely have any idea what colours look good together!  Fonts and paper thickness and letterpress vs thermography vs engraved – who gives a hoot?  Anyhow I hope to be back to regular posting soon, thanks for putting up with me!

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These images by Mike Brodie are haunting and nostalgic.  A talented, self-taught photographer (he found his first camera left behind on a car seat), Mike left home when he was 17, got hooked on the vagabond lifestyle of train hopping and continued to ride the rails for over 10 years.

His series, called “A Period of Juvenile Prosperity” documents Mike’s life as a train-hopper, 50,000 miles, 46 states and 10 years later.  It sounds incredibly sheltered of me, but I never realised the culture of train-hopping and travellers hitting the rails and ending up wherever they end up.  It sounds exciting and fascinating, don’t you think?

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Gosh, it really feels like we haven’t had a summer here in Brisbane!  I think we had about 3 days of sunshine and hot weather!  It was another miserable weekend, continuing on today, which strangely enough feels perfectly suitable for a Monday.

It’s making me seriously crave for Japanese tonkotsu ramen.  I’m a ramen fantatic – I will search out high and low for the best ramen, and tonkotsu, a rich, steamy, pork-based broth, is my absolute favourite base for the al dente egg noodles that bathe within.  In Brisbane, Haktaya Ramen is my favourite, with Taro’s Ramen Cafe ranking second.

My absolute favourite in the whole world though is Ichiran Ramen.  P and I first discovered it 5 years ago on our first overseas trip together.  Arriving in Osaka, we’d stumbled around trying to get our bearings when we noticed a really long line snaking around, ascending into a black building with a red kanji sign.  Thinking it was some hot club (being 22 years old at the time!), we lined up, not realising that the meal we were about to have would literally change our lives.  We now have a policy when we go overseas to unfamiliar restaurants that if there’s no line-up, it can’t be that good.

The unique thing about Ichiran is that they only have one type of ramen, but you can personalise it the way you want.  You can check out my preferences above – I used to pile on the green onions but they always used to make me choke because I would hoover the whole lot down in one go!  You can only dine in private booths, separate from all those around you, which I find great so that you can savour your ramen in solitary peace.

Such is P’s and my fanaticism that when we were in Japan with his family, we would wake up at 6:00am every morning just to have these delicious noodles for breakfast – Ichiran is open 24 hours!  I really cherished these stolen 15 minutes with P – it was “our” time together.

So guess where we’re stopping after a 2.5 week sojourn in Italy, France and Spain for our honeymoon?  You guessed it – four days in Tokyo.  It wouldn’t be us without ramen.

Hope you guys are all geared up for the weekend!  I’m planning to get my haircut – I can’t wait, my hair is most of the way down my back, it’s thick, heavy and feels like I’m wearing a wet dog on my head.  Not sure what style I’m going for though, but I know I want shorter and lots of layers!

I had to share these photos by Celine Kim with you – what an awesome idea to have a mid-wedding yoga session under a magical tree to get you and your guests ready for the big event!  The bride’s father even sketched the whole scene as it was unfolding as a sweet keepsake.  As a bride, it would be wonderful to have a few moments by yourself to stretch and focus on your body and mind!

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Their wedding looked unreal – check it out here.