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Oh my goodness, how adorable is this?  The lovely bride, Cyndall, secretly bought an 8 week old labrador puppy that her groom, Ben, had been begging for.  As the MC carried her down the aisle towards Ben, the photographer captured his reaction of bewilderment and joy.  What an awesome wedding day surprise!

Via Polka Dot Bride



This photo proves my point that chilli is seriously the cure-all in my life.  I reach for chilli when I’m sick and need sinus-clearing, when I’m hungover and in need of some seriously spicy salve…and when puppies escape our backyard.  I’m babysitting C’s gorgeous dog, Spike, but Peach + Spike = serious mischief, as I found out yesterday when I got an amused phone call saying the puppies were on the loose.  I know from hilarious experience that Peach is not a fan of chilli, so, armed with Sriracha and some bricks, I set to the house holing up any possible escape routes and spraying Sriracha for good measure.  I’ll let you all know if they escape again!

Hope you all have wonderful weekends, and here’s some awesome posts from around the web.

Phillip Lim for Target is confirmed!!  Whoo hoo!!!!!!

An inspiring read for Mothers Day, plus some fabulous gift ideas – hope you all give your mum the love and hugs she deserves!

Cheddar jalapeno biscuits – yes please.

Things no one will tell fat girls…shout out for body love.  This is awesome.

Pictures of people who mock a photographer – people can be disappointing sometimes.

This dress is achingly cute!

Behind the scenes pics of The Empire Strikes Back – reminds me that I really need to book couch time for a Star Wars weekend.

I’m seriously not a fan of jello, but these sound really intriguing.  Add vodka maybe?

The Designer Says – a funky book of quotes and quips of designers.  Would make a cool coffee table book!

A sweetly comedic outlook on depression – well worth the read, an insight into a debilitating disease that affects so many of us.


Love that signature Bruce Willis stare, don’t you?  He’s seriously the epitome of cool.  He was so dreamy in his hayday – I loved him in those Friends episodes where he was dating Rachel!

What are your plans this weekend?  Tonight I have to go shopping, and I’m hoping I’ll be successful in finding an awesome and wearable but still-conservative-enough-to-wear-to-a-cathedral-wedding dress for a good friend’s wedding tomorrow.  I’m charged with the duties of usher, pew bow-tie-er and mother-in-law babysitter.  There is a little pressure involved – after a phonecall giving us the rundown of duties last night (P is a groomsman), I dreamt that I was so late for the ceremony, I could only find and wear my jeans and I managed to offend the mother-in-law with a tongue in cheek remark.  Despite the dream though, I’m so excited, I can’t wait!

Hope you have lovely weekends, and here are some of my favourite links from around the web this week.

An article on the inspiration of Isabel Marant – “I am my own muse”.

The friendliest and unfriendliest nations for tourists.

The making of Pulp Fiction.

Definitely trying this recipe next – eggplant parmigiana.

And this recipe too, by the awesome Yotam Ottolenghi – baked orzo with eggplant and mozzarella.

An adorable Jennifer Lawrence interview with Vanity Fair – who doesn’t love this gal, seriously.

This place looks seriously amazing.

A mantra I try to live by weekly when doing my groceries.

Otherwordly – a blog about strange and beautiful words (via here) – cool words include “nazlanmak” and “jaaneman”.

Hot pink Chloe bag….my eyes just bulged, and my hands twitched for my wallet…

These images by Mike Brodie are haunting and nostalgic.  A talented, self-taught photographer (he found his first camera left behind on a car seat), Mike left home when he was 17, got hooked on the vagabond lifestyle of train hopping and continued to ride the rails for over 10 years.

His series, called “A Period of Juvenile Prosperity” documents Mike’s life as a train-hopper, 50,000 miles, 46 states and 10 years later.  It sounds incredibly sheltered of me, but I never realised the culture of train-hopping and travellers hitting the rails and ending up wherever they end up.  It sounds exciting and fascinating, don’t you think?

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Image credits – here and here

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Just a few snapshots of a really fun weekend – involved a super teeny but totally crazy hen’s night, witnessing a good friend dress up in a Supre dress to go go-karting and suit up in a bunny outfit for his bucks, and taste testing a restaurant for our wedding bash.

The desserts of the restaurant (Pony Dining) were awesome (fig and rhubarb crumble tart and ice cream pops!), but I wasn’t able to try any of the fantastic-looking mains on offer – I was more interested in sinking my teeth into their wood-fired angus burger and fat chips to soak up the previous night’s excesses.  The hens was a definite success at Alfred & Constance, and if you’re wondering why I didn’t get any pictures of the buck in his dress/bunny outfit, well, I was just too busy doubled up with laughter to even think about snapping a pic!

Hope you all had wonderful weekends!

I love Valentines Day – or at least I love the idea of it.  P and I don’t really give each other gifts but we always love an occasion to celebrate, even if it’s one that Hallmark blew way out of proportion.  But I don’t think Valentines Day should just be about couples – I love spreading the Valentines love to my friends and family too!  Hope these gifts help you to spread your love around!

00.large iPhone case for technology lovers – $25


Mountain pillows to bring nature to you – $49


Chili jam to add spice to his/her life – $12


Sweet pencils cos you’re so good together – $12


Who wouldn’t want this hilariously cute Domo – $14.99


Mini candles by Diptyque for a heady, beautiful house – $84


This delicious-sounding woody, citrusy scent by Chez Bond for cool, brash men $170

jwsigpro_cache_aaf07d9193_apple3 jwsigpro_cache_aaf07d9193_apple2 jwsigpro_cache_aaf07d9193_apple1

Funny food stickers to stick on their fruit – $2.50 each

fork_1__77306.1343116846.1280.1280 icebergs__15265.1343161297.1280.1280


Witty tea towels to make them laugh – $19.95


A cool poster for a wander-luster – $18.00


A silly t-shirt for your crush – $18.00


So so so so super freaking excited about this weekend – my girlfriends and I are taking off to Sydney to meet E and we are going to be painting the town red.  We have plans to shop til we drop (Zara, here I come), eat as many glorious things as possible (we have lunch reservations at Jamie’s Italian!), and consume many cocktails and much vino.  I have been looking forward to this for so long, it’s so fun to have girl time!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and here’s some of my favourite links from around the web.

The ultimate lipstick chart by Cupcakes and Cashmere

Peanut butter toast crunch treats – why do we not have this cereal in Australia?!

DIY feather wreaths – these look so fun!

I really want this NARS “And God Gave Us Woman” makeup set – looks so handy for travel.  I’ll be using Hop, Skip, Jump to get it to me.

20 hilarious Pinterest fails

Feeling slightly morbid and creeped out after seeing these photographs of famous people just before their deaths

STILL battling this cold I whinged about last week – it’s now just a barking cough, but this lovely remedy looks like it could help!

Omg chocolate sables, get in my belly.

Fourteen famous models on their breakout gigs

Beyonce’s Superbowl rehearsals

Image credit – LEDscape of Ikea lights


Happy Australia Day to all my fellow Aussies out there!

Typically, Australia Day is a gorgeous, sunny weekend but this weekend is forecasting torrential rain, with Brisbane even preparing to batter down the hatches in case flooding happens!  Talk about wild weather!

I’m going to focus on getting rid of my cold tonight by staying in and making something cheesy, maybe spicy, but definitely comforting, before heading out to a friend’s for Australia Day lunch to the beats of Triple J’s Hottest 100 Count Down.  We’ll also be making steak and chips, or fish and chips, on Monday with my parents – this is as Aussie as we get!

Hope you all have wonderful weekends, and if you’re in Brisbane, stay dry!

Here’s some cool posts from around the web to keep you busy this weekend.

Holy dorm bedroom makeover, Batman!

Seriously drooling over this dress but it’s sold out in my size!

LOVE this idea for a wedding bouquet!

A great recipe to celebrate this Australia Day.

The most adorable Japanese girl who loves her food.

DIY macrame rhinestone bracelet – in case you’re REALLY bored!

First official photos of Mad Men Season 6 – but I’m not going to peep.  Are you excited or are you EXCITED?

Potted indoor plant citrus trees – I’ve always wanted an indoor tree, but this one is a gift that keeps giving!

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