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Working for Kinfolk magazine, Parker Fitzgerald teamed up with Amy Merrick to create photographs themed “Spring”.  These gorgeous photographs strike the perfect balance of surreal, whimsical and beautiful.

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Totally filing this idea under “why didn’t I think of that?!”.  Growing up in an Asian household, it’s part of my genetic disposition to want to roll any type of food and stuff it in my mouth.  Pockets of minced pork, lettuce cups of duck stir fry, steaming broth encased in dumplings, spring rolls – it’s like mailing delicious parcels into my mouth to be posted to my ever-grateful tummy.  Heck, I even fold pizza and eat it.  These would be perfect for the leftover bread on my counter top – am having visions of peanut butter and mashed banana, Elvis-style, perhaps topped with the odd choc-chip.  Mmm…..

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Via What Should I Eat For Breakfast TodayPS.  Avocado baked with an egg.

This series by photographer Henry Hargreaves is seriously awesome!  Collaborating with stylist Caitlin Levin, who composed the food items in the manner of Flemish still life paintings, Hargreaves photographed the strange food requests noted in musicians’  contracts when performing in major concerts (known as riders).

Hargreaves notes that what inspired these photos was “the way their requests manage to say something about the performers personality that words struggle to,” and the way they “were able identify with them through what they chose to eat and drink.”

How fascinating!  If you were a famous musician, what would your “rider” request be?  I reckon mine would be Lindt chocolate balls, pears with soft cheese, salt and vinegar chips and pork belly buns.

PS.  LOL @ the Foo Fighters’  request.


Lady Gaga: “Small plate of cheese (nonsmelly, nonsweaty), on ice.”


Frank Sinatra: “One bottle each: Absolute, Jack Daniel’s, Chivas Regal, Courvoisier, Beefeater Gin, white wine, red wine. Twenty-four chilled jumbo shrimp, Life Savers, cough drops.”


Foo Fighters: “Big-a** kielbasas that make men feel self-conscious.”


Nine Inch Nails: “Two boxes of corn starch.”


Billy Idol: “One tub ‘I can’t believe it’s not Butter!’, Pepperidge Farms Soft Baked Nantucket Chocolate Chip Cookies.”


Rihanna: “Hard-boiled eggs, turkey bacon, turkey sausage, at any time throughout the day. Please be prepared!”


Britney Spears: “Fish and chips, McDonald’s cheeseburgers without the buns, 100 prunes and figs, a framed photo of Princess Diana.”


Van Halen: “Herring in sour cream, large tube of KY jelly, M&M’s (Warning: absolutely no brown ones).”


Marilyn Manson: “Gummi bears.”

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Love that signature Bruce Willis stare, don’t you?  He’s seriously the epitome of cool.  He was so dreamy in his hayday – I loved him in those Friends episodes where he was dating Rachel!

What are your plans this weekend?  Tonight I have to go shopping, and I’m hoping I’ll be successful in finding an awesome and wearable but still-conservative-enough-to-wear-to-a-cathedral-wedding dress for a good friend’s wedding tomorrow.  I’m charged with the duties of usher, pew bow-tie-er and mother-in-law babysitter.  There is a little pressure involved – after a phonecall giving us the rundown of duties last night (P is a groomsman), I dreamt that I was so late for the ceremony, I could only find and wear my jeans and I managed to offend the mother-in-law with a tongue in cheek remark.  Despite the dream though, I’m so excited, I can’t wait!

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A mantra I try to live by weekly when doing my groceries.

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Hot pink Chloe bag….my eyes just bulged, and my hands twitched for my wallet…


How crazy is it that it’s autumn in Australia already – particularly when us Brisbane people have barely had a summer!  I feel like I’ve been ripped off!  I’m stubbornly refusing to believe the temperatures are descending so I’m still browsing the new Spring/Summer fashion lines coming out in the northern hemisphere.  The dark colours and trenchcoats slowly making their way into department stores have NO appeal to me at all.

What are your plans this weekend?  I’m gearing up for my friend’s hen’s night on Saturday night – we’re headed to Alfred & Constance, but before that we’re going shopping and hopefully getting makeovers.  P’s going to the stag night, and I’m told the stag has been bought a bunny outfit and will be made to go-kart and club as a bunny.  So any Brisbane readers out there – watch out for a bunny in the Fortitude Valley!

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A seriously comfy looking chair.

Image creditClark Gable, Shirley Temple, Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland

Anyone who’s been to our home wonders why it’s taken so long for us to decorate it.  We’ve lived there for two years this Chinese New Year and while it looks OK from the outside, inside is very sparsely decorated, if at all.  I have paint swatches hanging on walls, pendant lights waiting to be hung and wallpaper samples Blu-tacked behind my bed.  I have entire rooms that are empty, or filled with junk.  I guess I’m procrastinating – spending a large amount of money on something that seems so permanent doesn’t appeal to my commitment-phobic self.  But after a good friend who lives in the US whom we hadn’t seen for a year exclaimed, “you have GOT to do something about your house!”, we decided to make decorating our house a new year’s resolution.  I’m thinking of starting with little things – feature walls, thoughtfully-placed ornaments – then moving on to bigger things in the next year – building an outdoor BBQ and lining our outdoor ceiling with cedar.

I’m really inspired by this wonderful website I came across called Wonderdeco (via Miss Moss), a site run by Sanna Fischer Nordstrom, which collates beautiful homes and interesting stylings. I’m now imagining my empty home to be filled with pretty, delightful things!

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Couldn’t not post this.  I’ve always wanted to learn how to dance this.  Now I can!  Guess what I’ll be doing this weekend!  Will be good to learn for the (at least) seven weddings I’ve got coming up this year.

I’m also planning to cook up a storm – I’ve gone on a Mexican kick, thanks to my decision to try to eat vegetarian at least four times a week.  I’ve now discovered beans, and whoa, there’s no turning back for me now.  Love the stuff.  So this weekend will see tacos and enchiladas with refried beans in rotation, as well as cheesy nachos and maybe jalapeno poppers.  Who knew Mexican food was so freakin’ good!

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