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As an Aussie, our household didn’t celebrate Halloween – I have vague memories of my grandpa and I walking around under floral bedsheets scaring my toddler sister…and we forgot to cut out eyeholes in the bedsheets.  I wasn’t a huge candy kid either, so Halloween was kinda lost on me.  However, I love dressing up, and I love being OTT so while I might be too old to go around my street doorknocking with our resident kiddies, I reckon I can have some fun anyway.

These fashion week-inspired, dramatic eyes are perfect for those of us who don’t want to go out full-fledged in a Catwoman or Superwoman costume, but still want to bedazzle and delight.  What are your plans for Halloween?  Are you dressing up, or are you strategically placing your rottweiler at the door to ward off annoying children?

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I’m not very daring, beauty-wise.  In fact, I never wear makeup in my day to day life – a swipe of Lucas’s Paw Paw ointment is about it.  But I’ve always dreamed of being bold enough to wear red lipstick.  There’s just something so striking about a woman who’s confident enough to brave red lips.

Via here and here.

OK so this one is a bit of a fantasy for all of us, but what’s the harm in dreaming?  This outfit is in honour of one of my dearest friends, one of the classiest ladies I know, whose birthday is also today.  She would look absolutely smashing in this outfit, and it is in honour of her that I post this outfit today.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

When it comes to designer, you really can’t go wrong with Stella McCartney.  She knows how to dress a woman – she knows what we want.  Fashion-forward, yet lady-like.  Get it here (the belt comes with the dress).

Achieve sartorial perfection with these iconic Alaias.

And balance your style with a little bit of whimsy.

Finally, complete the look with a sweet vintage-inspired ponytail.

Good morning!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!  It’s unseasonally cold in Brisbane this morning so I’m feeling a little odd wearing my woolly jacket in late October!

Let’s kick this week off with Melbourne Cup outfits for our gents!

Guys, I know you want to look fab, even if you don’t admit it.  Let’s face it – you don’t want the ladies to outshine you, right?  I know you’re jealous of our high heels and our fabulous hats, but let’s not forget it’s the little details that set you apart and distinguishes the George Clooneys from the Danny DeVitos. So, in honour of my Dad’s birthday (today!  Happy birthday, Dad!), here are some outfits that would make ladies melt. Try to stay away from boring black – black is so passé.  This suit has a slight check detail which keeps things interesting.  Buy it here.

Navy is also a really sexy alternative.  Try not to rethink the vest – chicks dig it.  Buy here. You won’t ever go wrong with a slim-fit, classic white shirt.  Get it here or here.

The light blue Oxford shirt is also a classic.  Get it here or here.

Don’t skimp on shoes – invest in a great pair and you’ll wear them for a lifetime.  Buy these here.

An interesting necktie is always a great conversation starter – how else will you pick up the ladies?  I personally love that dinosaur tie, and if I wasn’t taken, I would immediately chat up a guy who I saw wearing that tie.  Get those here or here.

To girls, a guy who wears interesting cufflinks is always intriguing.  It definitely says something about a guy who can select whimsical yet stylish cufflinks.  Get these here and here.

Finally, get a pocket square.  There’s always something so nice about finishing a suit off with a pocket square.  Get this one here, and if you’re not pocket square folding fluent, go here for tips on how to fold it.

Just because you’re a Pastel Princess doesn’t mean you have to fade out into the grey – you can still make an impact by letting each detail speak for itself.

The ruffles on this dress are playful and fun – you definitely won’t be a wall flower in this dress!  Buy it here.

A hint of metallic will ensure your footsies do not go unnoticed (might be an idea to get a pedicure though).  Buy here.

Glam sparkle will see you shining.  I love these earrings so much, I think I’m going to get a pair here.

Try not to stun the horses with this clutch – get it here.

Happy Friday!

What are your plans for this weekend?

Tonight I’m heading out on the town with some very lovely ladies – we have plans for dinner and drinks, and there may or may not be some drunken shopping involved.

It’s also my Dad’s birthday, so we are celebrating at Two Small Rooms, a Brisbane culinary institution.

Have a lovely weekend, and here are some posts from around the web to kick start your weekend.

Christmas gift idea – is it that time of year already?  Or perfect table centrepieces.

Glittery wedding shoes – would you?

Need to find an excuse to wear this.

This menu looks incredible – soft fried quails eggs with onion, leek and sour grapes?  Shut. The Front. Door.

In LOVE with this wallpaper.

Have fun everyone!

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Hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s outfit!

Today’s outfit has a more Spanish flair – think Gloria from Modern Family.  Sometimes, you just want to stand out and be proud, and for Melbourne Cup, there’s no better time like the present.

This dress just screams Gloria – it’s loud, funky and bright.  It’s also on sale – not that Gloria would care, she’s got Jay’s money.  Buy it here.

We wouldn’t be Gloria without her high, high heels – these are perfect for achieving that balance between height and comfort, without compromising style.

Chandelier earrings are definitely Gloria’s signature accessory.  Go for something like these, and you won’t miss the mark.

Tie it all together with a clutch like this

And to finish off, you definitely need Gloria’s lustrous waves, so head on over here for a tutorial on how to get those soft, tumbling curls.

Melbourne Cup’s a-coming people, and you better look your most dapper!  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Australia’s Melbourne Cup, it’s our biggest thoroughbred horse race that is billed as “The Race That Stops The Nation”.  It’s our excuse to don gigantic hats, gorgeous dresses and fabulous shoes, so over the next couple of days I’ll be featuring suitable accoutrements perfect for wearing to Melbourne Cup – and gents, never fear, I will be doing a post for men as well.

Ladies, it’s our excuse to look classy, so please, no bum-skimming short shorts, boobtube dresses or teensy skirts that masquerade as belts.  Wear stilettos if you can, but be aware that once you step onto the race track, you’re in danger of sinking into the grass, and thereby aerating immaculately manicured lawn.  A fabulous hat or fascinator is essential, and I’m always of the opinion the bigger, the more fabulous (never mind that last year I wore a rose in my hair, but I did let my dress speak for itself).  Finally, indulge in champagne if you must, but please don’t be one of those crying girls who’ve lost their clutch containing their mobile phone and keys, stumbling around stilettoes in hand, hat askew, running mascara everywhere.

So without further adieu, here is my first outfit for you – the Sexy Sophisticate.

Sexy, not skanky.  Subtle yet stand-out.  Doesn’t hurt Eva Longoria also wore it.  Buy here.

Pair with statement shoes like these:

A gorgeous dress like this does not need embellishment, so accessorise with some simple earrings:

You fabulous fillie, you.