Shopbop’s “The Big Event” – save up to 35%!!

Did you guys see this?  Shopbop’s got a discount code that lets you save up to 35% on EVERYTHING instore!  Run, don’t walk!

  1. Indi C said:

    I did see this and am resisting. No more shopping for now! Are you buying?

    • …i might buy a wedding dress, hehe….i had my eye on a couple and the 35% off might prove to be too big a temptation!

  2. Indi said:

    Oh wow will you really buy a wedding dress online? I have to say that is the one thing I would have never bought without trying on. If you have already tried it on then I would say go for it.

    • i think i might be! i’ve tried a few on (quite a few) and i’ve got a good feel for what i liked, and this dress ticks all the boxes for me, including price, so i think i’m going to take the plunge! eeek!!

  3. Indi C said:

    Oh exciting! Link or keeping it a secret?

    • secret 😉 i’m not 100% sure i’m going to do it yet either though hehe…eek!

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