Gisèle d’Ailly van Waterschoot van der Gracht. Now that’s a name.

I came across this truly fascinating woman via Miss Moss, and it was such a treat to read an article about a 100 year old woman who, as a child, lived in an Austrian castle and did not “grow up to become a cauliflower”.  Instead, she studied art in a time of war, sheltered Nazi criticisers and Jews in her apartment during WWII, defied the Nazi regime and lived in a monastery with her husband on a Greek Island.  She still lives in this apartment today, formerly called the Fortress of Pilgrims, when sheltering refugees.

I love her animated face in the photos as she recounts her vividly intriguing life.  Pull up a chair and make a cuppa – you must read the full article.

    • i know, i really enjoyed reading about her life! thanks for stopping by!

  1. Nice to see your short article and good pictures. She is my father’s first cousin – I call her my aunt

    • i think her story is amazing! she’s a really inspirational lady! thanks so much for visiting my blog – tell her hello for me!

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