Motherly Love – Bianca Balti and her Daughter

How sweet is this photo shoot of Bianca Balti (face of Dolce and Gabbana’s Light Blue) and her daughter.  What a beautiful way to document a mother and daughter’s relationship.

BiancaBaltiandherdaughterMatildeLucidibyMartinParrforGreyMagazine8SS20132 BiancaBaltiandherdaughterMatildeLucidibyMartinParrforGreyMagazine8SS20134 BiancaBaltiandherdaughterMatildeLucidibyMartinParrforGreyMagazine8SS20135 BiancaBaltiandherdaughterMatildeLucidibyMartinParrforGreyMagazine8SS20139 BiancaBaltiGreySS2013-1 BiancaBaltiGreySS2013-002 BiancaBaltiGreySS2013-003 BiancaBaltiGreySS2013-004

Via here

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  1. Camilla said:

    Amazing outfits too!

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