Fried Nutella Banana Hand Pies

I nearly cried with joy and longing when I saw this recipe for fried nutella banana hand pies.  I have no idea what a hand pie is, nor do I really care when the results look this amazing, but I think I really (really really really) need to try this as soon as possible.  And then vary the fillings – peanut butter and banana, peanut butter and nutella…there’s no stopping me now.

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Get the recipe here.

PS.  Deep fried avocado tacos…OMG

  1. Camilla said:

    They look incredible! I’ve always wanted to try a nutella and banana toasted sandwich. Same ingredients and hopefully half the effort 🙂

    • have you seen Elvis’s sandwich? peanut butter, banana and butter, in heart stopping amounts, panfried. if that doesn’t cure what ails ya, nothing will!

  2. Camilla said:

    that actually sounds pretty tasty or at least, like it would be a good hangover cure

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