What’s the most extreme thing you’ve ever done?


I’m now less than a week out to a birthday that pushes me well into my twenties (well, glaring down the barrel to 30 is probably more like it), and this post got me thinking that I think about taking a few more (calculated) risky adventures.  Notice how I said “think about”.

I haven’t done many crazy things – I went canyoning in Slovenia, slipping down rock slides, abseiling down waterfalls and ziplining through jungles.  Mountain biking through Cat Ba island in Vietnam was a definite thrill.  Jumping off a three story boat in Ayvalik was seriously scary.

But I’d like to have a few more adventures – more crazy things to tell my grandkids.  Unfortunately since I had my laser eye surgery, I won’t be able to bungee or skydive but I’m sure I’d be able to find something!

So I’d love to know – what are the most extreme activities you’ve done?  I’d love to hear your adventures, and live vicariously through you if you’ve bungee’d or skydove!

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