Model Style for H&M – “New Icons” Collection

h_m_joan_smalls_liu_wen_daphne_groeneveld_lindsey_wixon_collection_capsule_chapeaux_bottines_robe_jupe_bijoux_sacs_607278396_north_545x.1 h_m_joan_smalls_liu_wen_daphne_groeneveld_lindsey_wixon_collection_capsule_chapeaux_bottines_robe_jupe_bijoux_sacs_618161259_north_545x.1 h_m_joan_smalls_liu_wen_daphne_groeneveld_lindsey_wixon_collection_capsule_chapeaux_bottines_robe_jupe_bijoux_sacs_327389669_north_545x.1 h_m_joan_smalls_liu_wen_daphne_groeneveld_lindsey_wixon_collection_capsule_chapeaux_bottines_robe_jupe_bijoux_sacs_36519930_north_545x.1 h_m_joan_smalls_liu_wen_daphne_groeneveld_lindsey_wixon_collection_capsule_chapeaux_bottines_robe_jupe_bijoux_sacs_888226161_north_545x.1

H&M’s latest collection “New Icons”, in store April, was inspired by models Joan Smalls, Liu Wen, Daphne Groeneveld and Lindsay Wixon, who all put their own personal touches to the collection.  Now us mere mortals can have a slice of a model’s wardrobe at an affordable price!

Via Vogue Francais

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  1. Thank you, this is a matter that is dear to my heart. Where are your contact
    details though? My name’s Kristine Motley and I’d love to discuss this further.

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