Tokyo Street Style – Fashion Week Tokyo

image003 image005 image006 image008 image009 image011 image0091

How awesome have the Fashion Weeks this month been?  I seriously love Fashion Week – it combines my three great loves: Fashion, Travel and Photography!

Sorry for the radio silence!  It’s been super hectic on this end – I’ve been distracted by ridiculous wedding-related things that I never wanted to get distracted by!  I don’t care about colour schemes – I barely have any idea what colours look good together!  Fonts and paper thickness and letterpress vs thermography vs engraved – who gives a hoot?  Anyhow I hope to be back to regular posting soon, thanks for putting up with me!

Images via here

  1. Camilla said:

    Hooray for more posts! 🙂

  2. Emi said:

    ohhh, i love fashion in Tokyo too. there’s such an experimental energy there that feels so unique. like people are willing to try anything as long as it’s new and different. loved this post!

  3. Shoko said:

    tokyo fashion is my favorite. so inspiring! may just have to experiment with green hair in the near future… 🙂

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