Home Inspiration – Wonderdeco

Anyone who’s been to our home wonders why it’s taken so long for us to decorate it.  We’ve lived there for two years this Chinese New Year and while it looks OK from the outside, inside is very sparsely decorated, if at all.  I have paint swatches hanging on walls, pendant lights waiting to be hung and wallpaper samples Blu-tacked behind my bed.  I have entire rooms that are empty, or filled with junk.  I guess I’m procrastinating – spending a large amount of money on something that seems so permanent doesn’t appeal to my commitment-phobic self.  But after a good friend who lives in the US whom we hadn’t seen for a year exclaimed, “you have GOT to do something about your house!”, we decided to make decorating our house a new year’s resolution.  I’m thinking of starting with little things – feature walls, thoughtfully-placed ornaments – then moving on to bigger things in the next year – building an outdoor BBQ and lining our outdoor ceiling with cedar.

I’m really inspired by this wonderful website I came across called Wonderdeco (via Miss Moss), a site run by Sanna Fischer Nordstrom, which collates beautiful homes and interesting stylings. I’m now imagining my empty home to be filled with pretty, delightful things!

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  1. Haha those paint swatches have been there for some time I guess… well I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys do!

    Here is your mission should you choose to accept: have your feature walls painted by the time I come back in May!

    • ooh! challenge accepted. now i HAVE to do it! i’m looking forward to see what we do too 😛 hehe….

  2. Camilla said:

    You can do it! Can’t wait to see the results.

    • thanks hon! i’ve even got mirrors to hang but can’t do it without the feature wall…i’m so useless hehe.

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