Have a Chilled Weekend & Mid-Wedding Yoga Session

Hope you guys are all geared up for the weekend!  I’m planning to get my haircut – I can’t wait, my hair is most of the way down my back, it’s thick, heavy and feels like I’m wearing a wet dog on my head.  Not sure what style I’m going for though, but I know I want shorter and lots of layers!

I had to share these photos by Celine Kim with you – what an awesome idea to have a mid-wedding yoga session under a magical tree to get you and your guests ready for the big event!  The bride’s father even sketched the whole scene as it was unfolding as a sweet keepsake.  As a bride, it would be wonderful to have a few moments by yourself to stretch and focus on your body and mind!

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Their wedding looked unreal – check it out here.


  1. hello! can’t wait to see your new haircut, will you show it to us? I liked your expression about wearing a wet dog in your head haha
    I’ve also been thinking about a new haircut lately, need some inspiration…
    hope you have a nice weekend 🙂

    • straight after i got my haircut i was SO happy haha! it feels so much lighter and “styled”, if you know what i mean. the cut is fairly boring – but it’s easy to style. my inspiration is models off duty hair – they always seem to have really simple haircuts that are easy to do up or curl of whatever 🙂 hope you had a wonderful weekend too!

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