A Valentines Day Chocolate Mousse with Two Ingredients


Presumably you have better things to do on Valentines Day than to be spending hours sweating over the stove.  There are much more important things you should be sweating over.

Valentine’s Day in our household is celebrated in the merest of ways – definitely no fanfare, flowers or candy.  This year, we’re celebrating with another couple over dinner at our house, not because of Valentine’s Day, but because we totally forgot when organising dinner that it was Valentine’s Day.  Since this lovely couple is also getting married in just over a month, I really want to come up with a nice but simple menu for Thursday (come on, it’s a week night!) to celebrate their last Valentine’s as a pre-married couple.

This recipe could be right up my alley – two ingredients, you read that correctly.  Eight ounces of your favourite high-quality chocolate and 6 ounces of water, and you’ve got yourself decadent and indulgent chocolate mousse.  All you gotta do is melt the chocolate and water together, whip them together like a crazy person, and spoon into ramekins!

I would love to hear about your plans for Valentine’s Day.  Do you celebrate it?

Image via here


  1. Oooh! I tried Heston Blumenthal’s water chocolate mousse once and it was quite tasty – very clean on the palate.

    • awesome, if you said it’s good, it must be awesome. LOVE the profile pic hahaha!

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