En Pointe

I don’t think there’s another shoe that makes a girl feel more glamorous and empowered than the right kind of pointed pump.  It can’t be any pump – it has to be so perfectly designed that the balance of the heel to the ball of your foot has to be just right.  I have a favourite Zara pair that never fails to get compliments, they go with everything and I always feel slightly more put-together when I wear them.  I think they’re going to be the shoe of the season, and Vogue Francais seems to think so too.  What will you be wearing this coming winter?

Screen-Shot-2013-01-30-at-3.24.41-PM IMG_6954 IMG_6974 IMG_6957 Screen-Shot-2013-01-30-at-3.24.56-PM

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  1. Sofie said:

    I love the way they look but most of them are very painful to walk in (at least for me..) so I prefer the rounded toes.

    • i know…i think i need to invest in those foot petal things? i wonder if they actually work.

      • Sofie said:

        I don’t even know what they are haha 🙂 Is it like those cushion type things that you put in your shoes?

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