Valentines Day Gift Ideas

I love Valentines Day – or at least I love the idea of it.  P and I don’t really give each other gifts but we always love an occasion to celebrate, even if it’s one that Hallmark blew way out of proportion.  But I don’t think Valentines Day should just be about couples – I love spreading the Valentines love to my friends and family too!  Hope these gifts help you to spread your love around!

00.large iPhone case for technology lovers – $25


Mountain pillows to bring nature to you – $49


Chili jam to add spice to his/her life – $12


Sweet pencils cos you’re so good together – $12


Who wouldn’t want this hilariously cute Domo – $14.99


Mini candles by Diptyque for a heady, beautiful house – $84


This delicious-sounding woody, citrusy scent by Chez Bond for cool, brash men $170

jwsigpro_cache_aaf07d9193_apple3 jwsigpro_cache_aaf07d9193_apple2 jwsigpro_cache_aaf07d9193_apple1

Funny food stickers to stick on their fruit – $2.50 each

fork_1__77306.1343116846.1280.1280 icebergs__15265.1343161297.1280.1280


Witty tea towels to make them laugh – $19.95


A cool poster for a wander-luster – $18.00


A silly t-shirt for your crush – $18.00

  1. Sofie said:

    Super cute ideas 🙂 I really want that iPhone case!

    – Sofie

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