Have an Aussie Weekend!


Happy Australia Day to all my fellow Aussies out there!

Typically, Australia Day is a gorgeous, sunny weekend but this weekend is forecasting torrential rain, with Brisbane even preparing to batter down the hatches in case flooding happens!  Talk about wild weather!

I’m going to focus on getting rid of my cold tonight by staying in and making something cheesy, maybe spicy, but definitely comforting, before heading out to a friend’s for Australia Day lunch to the beats of Triple J’s Hottest 100 Count Down.  We’ll also be making steak and chips, or fish and chips, on Monday with my parents – this is as Aussie as we get!

Hope you all have wonderful weekends, and if you’re in Brisbane, stay dry!

Here’s some cool posts from around the web to keep you busy this weekend.

Holy dorm bedroom makeover, Batman!

Seriously drooling over this dress but it’s sold out in my size!

LOVE this idea for a wedding bouquet!

A great recipe to celebrate this Australia Day.

The most adorable Japanese girl who loves her food.

DIY macrame rhinestone bracelet – in case you’re REALLY bored!

First official photos of Mad Men Season 6 – but I’m not going to peep.  Are you excited or are you EXCITED?

Potted indoor plant citrus trees – I’ve always wanted an indoor tree, but this one is a gift that keeps giving!

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  1. Camilla said:

    Rino and her mama are amazing. Totally inspiring approach to children and food.

    • i know! i always find it fascinating how mums complain their kids don’t eat everything, but i think it’s a cultural thing, look at that little girl devour everything!!!

  2. Jo said:

    Happy Australia Day! The youtube series is too cute. She eats everything.
    I always wanted a potted citrus tree too

    • i love that little japanese girl, i just want to squeeeeeeeeeze her, hehe!
      i’m currently trying to figure out where i could put my potted citrus tree…my mischievous puppy will definitely have a go at it!

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