Chili – 9 ways!


I still feel like a whingy little girl today, having the flu makes me so miserable.  I’m used to moving at a million miles an hour, so when I can’t, I feel useless and pathetic.  Last night, I attempted to self-medicate by cooking pasta with two and a half heads (yes – heads, not cloves) of garlic, and 8 birds eye chillis to try and soothe my sinus.  Tasted awesome but I don’t think it helped, and now I have the aftertaste of garlic in my mouth, even 15 hours after the fact.

Since I’m in serious need of comfort food, I’ve been browsing my favourite food websites this morning and I think I know what I’m going to be making for dinner tonight – chili!  Growing up in an Asian household, I’d never tried the stuff, but one of my besties made it for dinner during a weekend away and WHOA.  MIND. BLOWN.  It’s now one of my favourite go-to’s for a quick, filling mid-week dinner.

The one pictured above is short rib chili (yuuuuuum!) but you can find nine amazing-looking chili recipes over at Food 52 here.

  1. Hope you feel better and get well soon. The food looks delicious. When I’m sick, usually a hot soup helps. My wife makes chicken soup with rice. Just salt, pepper and little bits of garlic.

    • oh that’s so sweet, you have a very lovely wife! for me, i need serious spicy foods, it clears my head…i’m thinking about enchiladas tonight!

  2. Camilla said:

    A world without chilli would be a sad place!

    • it’s because of you that i know this “chili” phenomenon – I don’t know how i lived!

    • i’m seriously addicted to spice, i put chilli on almost everything. growing up in a very asian household did not bring much opportunity for mexican but now i’ve gone nuts haha!

      • haha! yeah I figured that out from the picture. It is our routine food in Pakistan.

      • oh really! i’d love to learn more about pakistani food, and more importantly, i’d love to eat it 😉

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