Have a warm weekend!

This weekend’s a pretty busy one, with baby showers and heading out on the town, as well as boring things like unpacking *cough* yes, still haven’t done it yet!  After coming back from Japan, I’m starting to suffer from post-holiday blues but I’m really excited to be planning for this year’s travels, so stay tuned!

The temperature has risen today and it looks like it’s going to be a super hot weekend with no respite in sight.  I’ll be fantasising about beautiful fall sunsets in Paris and clear blue waters in the Amalfi Coast.  Hope your weekend is going to be as lovely as these pretty Parisian pictures.

HiP-Paris-Blog-Carin-Olsson-Light-1 HiP-Paris-Blog-Carin-Olsson-Light-2 HiP-Paris-Blog-Carin-Olsson-Light-4 HiP-Paris-Blog-littlek_stopbythecorner-Light-1 HiP-Paris-Blog-Making-Magique-The-Complete-Truth HiP-Paris-Blog-The-Complete-Truth-Light-1 HiP-Paris-Blog-Annelie-Willemijn-Light

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  1. Jo said:

    Welcome back. Looks like you had fun in Japan. I really like Japan. Til this day I still talk about the toilets whenever someone mentions about planning trips there.

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