Lover White Magick Wedding Dress…and 100 Followers!


I swooned when I came across this gorgeous bride – how lovely does she look in a Lover bridal gown, and those shoes are such a statement.  You can still buy the dress here.

Also, I just wanted to just quickly say thank you SO much for following my blog – I’ve now reached 100 followers which is probably not that exciting in the blogging world, but it’s a huge deal to me and it’s important to me to take the time out to thank you for reading my blog posts!

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    • me too, i’m not sure i could do that long/short hemline thing, especially not on my wedding day! thanks for visiting!

  1. indi said:

    I love that dress ! I would wear it for a wedding if you were having a garden wedding, maybe even beach?

    • ooh the beach would be so perfect! i can see it set in so many different ways! so dreamy!

  2. Jo said:

    Love the dress but I’m not too sure about the shoes.

    Ps: Thank you so much for visiting & commenting on my blog 🙂 You have a lovely blog and it’s no wonder why you have reached 100 followers – congrats!

    • thank you so much for coming back to visit! your blog is lovely, it’s definitely going on my list of daily reads 🙂

  3. Just found your blog and love this picture! I’m always looking for unique dresses!… and those shoes!!!! l.o.v.e xo Anne

    • thank you for visiting! lover always makes the most gorgeous lace dresses, you should check their designs out, they’re so beautiful!

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