High expectations


I used to wonder, am I too unforgiving?  I try not to make it a habit to rehash the past, but there are those niggling doubts that stick in my mind – What if I had done this differently?  Would that friendship have worked out?  Should I have done this?  Am I being too harsh?

Then there came a point last year where I thought, you know what?  I shouldn’t be the only one trying here.  It shouldn’t be only me making the effort to make a relationship work.  I’m too old to try to hold onto people who don’t want to hold on to me.  So when I came across this quote, it really rang true and helped me let go of things from the past.

So this year, one of my resolutions is to love my friends and family that little bit more – relationships can be tough and none of us are perfect, but I’m going to acknowledge those who love me and strive that little bit harder to meet their expectations.

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