Egg Challenge Update

Still counting down the eggs, but unfortunately since time is running out, I didn’t have as many recipes to make as I should have – so I cheated and used the 5:10 cooking method for eggs to cook the rest of them.  I now have eggs everyday for lunch but the good news is that the method made eggs exactly as I like them – soft boiled with tender yolks.  I am still keen to try the 60/60 method, but that will just have to wait for next year.

Last night I made my all time favourite pasta dishes – carbonara, which luckily involves eggs.  You’ll see by the photo below that I like this in heart-stopping, obscenely large amounts, to be heaped in a bowl and eaten snuggled up on the couch.  Unlike a lot of Australian restaurants, the version I make relies heavily on eggs and parmesan, not cream – I cheat though, as I do add a teensy amount of cream while my pancetta is frying so that I get “pancetta cream” to mix with my eggs and cheese. Travelling through Italy and ordering as much pasta as possible, I noticed the Italians didn’t gloop sauce all over their pastas – they prefer enough sauce to coat and enhance, rather than drown the dish, which inspired the “pancetta cream” version that I remade in my kitchen.

You can see my 5:10 egg as well – I couldn’t wait til today’s lunch to try it, so you can imagine last night after dinner I was full to burst with eggs.


Pasta Carbonara

You’ll need for two people:

  • 100g pancetta bought in a block, sliced to lardons (though bacon would be just fine)
  • Pasta of your choice- work on about 100g per adult head, though our serve yesterday had about double *cough*
  • 3 tablespoons of cream (or more if you like it creamy)
  • 2 large eggs or 3 small eggs
  • A large handful of parmesan cheese
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Get your pot of water for your pasta boiling and the pancetta frying until it’s nice and golden brown and all the fat’s rendered down (I don’t bother to add oil to the pan as good pancetta should render enough fat).  I add my cream, turning it down to a slow simmer so that the pancetta and its oils infuse with the cream.  While this is happening, I whip my eggs and cheese together in a separate bowl, adding a pinch of salt and a lot of pepper (sometimes at this stage if I’m feeling extravagant, I’ll add a drop of truffle oil).  By this stage, the pancetta cream should look a caramelly brown and your pasta should be ready.  Drain your pasta and pop it back into the pot.  Add your pancetta cream and eggy cheesy mixture and toss like crazy.  Serve with black pepper and truffle oil, if you’re feeling inclined, and retire to your couch.


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