Seriously psyching up for Japan!

We’re getting so excited – we have 5 days left until we leave for Japan!  Even though I blogged about my misconceptions here, it hasn’t stopped me from being wildly optimistic – I’ve typed up a scarily detailed bucket list (mainly with restaurants) in a Word document organised by cuisine, city and, where ramen is involved, noodle type.  Yes, I’m that type of traveller – I can’t bear to let things happen as they come, I need a plan, a map and a watch.  Sometimes if we’re really short on time, we highlight routes on maps to maximise efficiency.  I doubt that will happen on this trip, and I’ll have to work on being more flexible, but I don’t care – Japan is beckoning!

I’m also keen to check out all the Harajuku/Shibuya street fashion in Tokyo – I always find cos-play fascinating, and I also love the way that Japanese women manage to look so sweetly feminine and chic in freezing cold temperatures.  Here are some awesome cos-play pics to brighten up your Wednesday!

A2393-Kuro-Gyaru-Black-Diamond-Yukahime-600x900 Blue-Hair-Piercings-Harajuku-2012-12-01-DSC8943-600x900 Japanese-Gyaru-Black-Diamond-007-600x400 Kurebayashi-Junnyan-2012-11-18-DSC8379-600x900 MaiMai-Rainbow-Fashion-Harajuku-2012-11-18-DSC8462-600x900 TK-2012-10-20-009-001-Harajuku-600x900

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  1. indi said:

    Enjoy!!! Hope you survive the inlaws!

    • hehe i’m sure it will be fine…that’s what sake’s for, isn’t it? 😉

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