Shopping Question – How do you resist temptation?


In my late teens/early 20’s, I was a definite shopaholic.  Even though I was a struggling student, I still managed to find ways to spend my meagre income on stupid things (read:  clothes) since my university was smack bang in the middle of the city and walking through the mall was mandatory to get to my bus stop.

Now I’m in my late twenties, I work in the suburbs and I no longer commute to the city which is a relief, but unlike my earlier shopaholic years where I had to physically get off my butt to shop, it is now 100x easier to spend money – by shopping online!  I love how I barely have to lift a finger – I go click! click! click! and within a short time, my purchases arrive at my desk and I’m satiated and satisfied.  Until I see another pair of shoes/dress/bag that I have to have.

Since this whole engagement/wedding stuff has come into my life and the prospect of going to Japan looming, I’ve been pretty good, I’ve been saving-saving-saving and pretty much not spending an unnecessary cent, but now everything’s going on sale, and the new resort collections are coming out, and there are about three pairs of shoes right now beckoning me (literally, I swear, they have puppy dog eyes that say “I’m coming home with you”).

So how do you resist the urge?  Do you do that crazy trick where you freeze your credit card in a glass of water, so by the time it thaws, the urge has hopefully dissipated?  Do you even have a credit card?  Do you just not go online, ever?  I would love to hear your thoughts and stories!

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  1. indi said:

    I wish I had the secret. I go on constant shopping bans and then fail within a day. The problem is the constant sales of thinking you are getting a bargain when you don’t really need it. I am going to try and be better in the new year!

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