Garance Dore Art Prints

I totally love Garance Dore (I mean, who freakin’ doesn’t), so I was seriously stoked to discover that she’s selling her illustrations online!  Posters start from $40.00, and art prints, which are limited edition, numbered and signed, are $400.00 so there’s something for every budget.  Garance’s illustrations have that French chic aura down pat –  I would love to put some of these up in our study or living room for some parisienne flair.

Check out the shop here.

WEB-ART-PRINT-GARANCE-DORE-belle-de-jour_1024x1024 WEB-ART-PRINT-GARANCE-DORE-early-winter_1024x1024 WEB-ART-PRINT-GARANCE-DORE-le-monde-a-mes-pieds_1024x1024 WEB-ART-PRINT-GARANCE-DORE-my-cape_1024x1024 WEB-ART-PRINT-GARANCE-DORE-the-last-smoke_1024x1024 WEB-ART-PRINT-GARANCE-DORE-the-one_1024x1024 web-perfectfriends

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