Christmas Drink – Sangria Soda

I’ve always been a huge fan of Sangria, and would stubbornly order it in Spain even though it branded me a typical tourist.  It’s such a nostalgic drink for me, it brings back memories of backpacking through Europe, smuggling €3 1L bottles on trains to share with P, and waxing philosophical about everything in particular, like we had a clue.

These days, it’s more likely to be accompanied with an awesome tapas meal with friends on a Sunday afternoon, but when I came across this amazing recipe from Luxiare, I realised it’s the perfect drink for Australian summer Christmases – it’s festive, fruity and fun, and goes perfectly with pretty much everything you serve.  It’s definitely going in my Holiday repertoire!


NB.  The recipe does note to “rest” the drink for 12 hours, but I don’t think I have that much patience, do you?

  1. Indi said:

    Haha this post reminded me on my trip to Spain last year. NO WHERE in San Sebastian would serve sangria, definitely one for the tourists.

    • oh wow i was in san sebastian too!!! it was the most amazing place! i loved the txacoli and the tinto de verano, so i didn’t miss sangria much. i hope i can go again soon!

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