Happy Monday!

Good morning to you!

Hope you all had lovely weekends!  Can’t believe it’s December already – summer is definitely here, with temps set to hit 39 degrees tomorrow, and it’s only going to keep rising.  Time to dust off the swimsuits and work on that tan!

Here’s a few pics from our weekend, if you’d like to see!


On Friday night, we had an all-too-rare family friends catchup with 14 of us descending upon the Euro, a European-inspired bistro in the heart of Brisbane city.  The fare was fresh, inspired and, most importantly, extremely tasty.  I had the heirloom tomato salad with mozzarella cream (pictured below), pumpkin and sage ravioli and chocolate pave.  Sorry for the horrible lighting – the restaurant is quite dark and ambient, which makes for great atmosphere but unfortunately not good photography!


On Sunday, we re-instated Chimichanga Day at my friends house, which consisted of a margarita bar with toffeed chillis, the world’s best nachos with slowcooked beef, hot sauce made from beef jus, and, of course, chimichangas.  A seriously excessive day, it’s hardly surprising we had no room for dinner last night, but just the memory of those chimichangas yesterday makes my mouth water.



Hope you all had wonderful weekends with your family and friends too!  Christmas Eve is literally three weeks away from today!  Yikes!

    • Thank you! It was definitely a labour of love for the chimichangas, and our deep fryer decided to cark it, but it was so. totally. worth. it.

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