Happy Monday!

How was your weekend, lovelies?  We had freak storms, and were pelted with massive hail stones, lightning bolts, torrential rain and gale force winds.  It was pretty crazy!  Both times we were out and about but luckily we had shelter and wine/cocktails to keep us happy.  A lot of my friends weren’t so lucky, and got damaged cars, hailed out of music festivals and power outages.  Everyone is safe though, which is the main thing, so please stay out of storms and be careful!

You guys must literally think that all I do on my weekends is drink and eat – it’s true, but only because it’s the silly season and if you can’t do it at this time of year, then when can you do it?  So it’s with slight shame that I post the photos of this weekend – it was a bit of a raucous one.

First up was an awesome dinner at Brisbane dining establishment, Ecco, to celebrate my sister’s 21st birthday.  I highly recommend the scallops (first pic) and the Valrhona chocolate delice (bottom pic).  We also shared a fantastic carrot cake with cream cheese mousse and garnished with pepitas which definitely rates a mention.

Saturday night, I went out with a girlfriend to Alfred & Constance, a fantastic place in Fortitude Valley on the corner of – you guessed it – Alfred and Constance street.  It’s a recent addition to Brisbane’s night scene, having only opened two weeks ago, but I can tell it’s going to be very popular.  It’s situated in two heritage-listed Queenslander houses, and has this cosy, funky vibe.  It doesn’t hurt it’s outfitted with super-hip decor – there’s a Tiki bar upstairs, which you can see in the photos, and if you can’t decide what to drink, then swing the octopus!  Downstairs you’ll find a saloon-styled room where you can order Pimms and Sangria and sit on saddle chairs (which, according to my friend, you need stirrups to be truly comfortable).  You can also order delicious grub such as salted crackling, sweet potato galette, a whole roasted chook or a pig on the spit if your heart desires!  If you go, you must try the Zombie drink – I was told it had 4-5 shots of alcohol in it, and there’s a limit of one per customer.  It was supposed to knock me out cold, but I’m happy to report I was still kicking by the time the storm rolled in.

To finish off our weekend, we had a long-overdue catchup with our great musician friends at Vapianos, where we just made it in time to get free antipasto platters to accompany our bottle of wine.  One platter stretched to two, which stretched to two pizzas, then two bowls of pasta, three beers and another bottle of wine.  Needless to say, we couldn’t fit dessert.

It was one of those relaxing weekends that was filled with long conversations, lots of laughing and plenty of fun.  If only every weekend could be as awesome!  Hope yours was great as well!


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