Have a funny weekend!

Can’t believe it’s Friday already – this week went pretty fast!  How was your week?

I couldn’t resist this photo of the pug – how cute is he?  Do you dress your pets up?  My grandma and mum had knitting competitions this winter to see who could knit my miniature schnauzer, Peach, the most jumpers.  I swear she’s the most well-outfitted puppy in town.  I’m not sure I could upgrade her to full on costumes, but I have been tempted to ironically put a black studded collar on her to butch her up.

Hope your weekend is full of love and laughter, and here’s some fun posts from around the web.

Wedding balloons!

Know a trendy baby boy?  Get him this cardigan and bowtie onesie.

The Man Repeller reflects on what dating is in this modern age.

A brideslave with a backbone.  Don’t read the website name if you’re easily offended.

One for the boys – Acne and Mr Porter collaborate to present a collection of well thought out eveningwear for men.  Read about it here and shop here.

Your childhood crushes then and now – Devon Sawa, what happened to you?!?!

Amazing paper goods for the Christmas season at Banquet Atelier.

See you guys on the other side!

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    • haha you’re so cute! thank you so much for stopping by, your blog is amazing!!

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