Pinterest – and a Gift Guide!

Have you guys discovered Pinterest yet?  I must have been living under a rock, but this website is awesome – it’s an online virtual pinboard!  Seriously cool.

Obviously, I’ve been pinning non-stop since I’ve discovered it, and it’s so much fun.  You can check out all my boards here.  I may or may not be a pinning addict.

I’m also really excited about Christmas – I’m one of those people who love looking for gifts and I really try to put a lot of thought into gifts, so finding the perfect gift makes me really happy.  Whenever I’m trawling online, I always think, “oh, that would be the perfect present for so and so” but when it comes to said person’s birthday, or Christmas time, I can never remember where it came from.

But that will happen no longer with Pinterest!  I’ve started up a board for gifts which will help me SO much, and will hopefully help you as well, with the upcoming holiday shopping.  Best to get in early!  So I’ll be pinning anything and everything that I think will make perfect gifts for all those special people in your life.  The gifts will be in all price ranges and I’ll be trying to cover all the bases, from Dads to puppies to stocking stuffers, so there’ll be something for everybody.

Here’s a link to my gift guide, and if you see a great gift, drop me a line, I’d love to have a squiz!

Image – Marshmallow Sampler Pack via Etsy

  1. I know exactly how you feel and I’m completely obsessed with Pinterest as well! Once you start pinning – you just can’t stop 🙂

    • haha yes, it’s like pringles! it’s going to be awesome for forgetful me, it’s going to be so nice to have everything in one spot. see mum, i’m “organised” lol

      • Yes, you are right just like pringles- they are soo addicting! I’m afraid to buy them since I could easily consume the entire package in one sitting lol! And yes that’s pretty much the only thing in my life that is currently “organized”… Don’t even want to think about the chaos in my closet or the overwhelming pile of dishes in the sink…sign…

      • oh wow i thought i was the only one who could eat a whole pack of pringles in one go!

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