Nerd Girl Glasses

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Saw this pretty lady and thought OOH, I need a pair of glasses like those.  Then I realised I don’t need them – I had laser eye surgery earlier this year.  Don’t get me wrong, it was the best (medical) experience of my life (even though my health fund deemed it a “cosmetic” improvement – it’s not like I got a boob job on my eyes), but sometimes, just a little bit, I wish I could wear glasses legitimately.

Do you wear glasses?  Do you or anyone you know wear glasses even though you don’t need to?  I would love to have the self confidence to do that, but I’m nowhere near hipster enough.

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  1. omg don’t wish that! well, ok wearing glasses can be sometimes a fashion statement, can look cool, trendy etc. Love those glasses in the pic (need to get them asap) Yes I do wear glasses/contacts and hate them most of the times lol. So… need to get that surgery probably, but i’m too scared for now! great post! 🙂 xoxo

    • i know, i know, i feel horrible for even saying it! i used to be that girl who literally could not see a foot in front of her. I’ll do a post on the laser surgery later, it was pretty traumatising! i think those glasses might be dita – hope you get a pair!

      • oh ur so sweet:) If i were u i’d probably be as excited about it, so don’t worry:) If u could do a post on the laser surgery it would be amazing! Look forward to it. I am now following u so I’ll keep an eye on ur posts:) Thanks babe xox

      • no problems, and thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂

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