Hope you have a Zen weekend!

What are your plans?  I’m super excited to be attending the Up Late for the Queensland Art Gallery exhibition of the Prado Masterpieces – this is its last weekend so if you haven’t seen it, there are still a few tickets left!  Looking forward to seeing a few Velasquez pieces in real life!  We’ll also be catching Emma Louise performing.

We’ve also got a pool party on Saturday (fingers crossed for great weather!), and we’ll be hanging out for a picnic on Sunday.

Have a fabulous weekend, and here are some great posts from around the web.

A stressed bride?  Here are some pointers.

Vintage designer duds?  In Brisbane?  It’s true – seriously!  Check out Designer Archives in the Wintergarden!

Kate Spade glitter iPhone case, you must be mine.  I’ll be using Hop Skip Jump to get it to me.

Festive foiled dot napkins via Anthropologie.

I’ve never had the yearning to try banana cream pie, but thanks to this recipe, I may have to give this a rethink.

And thinking of those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

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  1. Shoko said:

    have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!!

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