Melbourne Cup Outfits – Fascinators

We’re wrapping up this year’s Melbourne Cup series with probably the most important piece of clothing you can wear on Melbourne Cup Day – fascinators!

These are my picks:


  1. Jess said:

    Love this post! I’m off to the races very soon and I am in desperate need of some fascinator inspiration!

    Thanks for visiting my blog – drop by soon 🙂

    Jess xx

    • i’m excited to see your outfit! let us know which fascinator you go with!

  2. Indi said:

    I was admiring the mimco one in the store a week or two ago buts in white. It’s gorgeous. Also,love the first one yiu have posted

  3. Indi C said:

    Oh god sorry for all the typos on the good ole ipad. I ended up wearing an Alannah Hill one, I wasn’t very happy with it but I didn’t have enough time to get another one as I only got back from holidays on Monday and the Cup day was obviously yesterday. Was great day out!

    • I’m sure you looked gorgeous anyway! Hope you had fun! I didn’t get to do anything 😦 just ate pizza with work colleagues.

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