Happy Monday and Melbourne Cup Outfits – For the Gents

Good morning!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!  It’s unseasonally cold in Brisbane this morning so I’m feeling a little odd wearing my woolly jacket in late October!

Let’s kick this week off with Melbourne Cup outfits for our gents!

Guys, I know you want to look fab, even if you don’t admit it.  Let’s face it – you don’t want the ladies to outshine you, right?  I know you’re jealous of our high heels and our fabulous hats, but let’s not forget it’s the little details that set you apart and distinguishes the George Clooneys from the Danny DeVitos. So, in honour of my Dad’s birthday (today!  Happy birthday, Dad!), here are some outfits that would make ladies melt. Try to stay away from boring black – black is so passé.  This suit has a slight check detail which keeps things interesting.  Buy it here.

Navy is also a really sexy alternative.  Try not to rethink the vest – chicks dig it.  Buy here. You won’t ever go wrong with a slim-fit, classic white shirt.  Get it here or here.

The light blue Oxford shirt is also a classic.  Get it here or here.

Don’t skimp on shoes – invest in a great pair and you’ll wear them for a lifetime.  Buy these here.

An interesting necktie is always a great conversation starter – how else will you pick up the ladies?  I personally love that dinosaur tie, and if I wasn’t taken, I would immediately chat up a guy who I saw wearing that tie.  Get those here or here.

To girls, a guy who wears interesting cufflinks is always intriguing.  It definitely says something about a guy who can select whimsical yet stylish cufflinks.  Get these here and here.

Finally, get a pocket square.  There’s always something so nice about finishing a suit off with a pocket square.  Get this one here, and if you’re not pocket square folding fluent, go here for tips on how to fold it.

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