Melbourne Cup Outfit – #1 The Sexy Sophisticate

Melbourne Cup’s a-coming people, and you better look your most dapper!  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Australia’s Melbourne Cup, it’s our biggest thoroughbred horse race that is billed as “The Race That Stops The Nation”.  It’s our excuse to don gigantic hats, gorgeous dresses and fabulous shoes, so over the next couple of days I’ll be featuring suitable accoutrements perfect for wearing to Melbourne Cup – and gents, never fear, I will be doing a post for men as well.

Ladies, it’s our excuse to look classy, so please, no bum-skimming short shorts, boobtube dresses or teensy skirts that masquerade as belts.  Wear stilettos if you can, but be aware that once you step onto the race track, you’re in danger of sinking into the grass, and thereby aerating immaculately manicured lawn.  A fabulous hat or fascinator is essential, and I’m always of the opinion the bigger, the more fabulous (never mind that last year I wore a rose in my hair, but I did let my dress speak for itself).  Finally, indulge in champagne if you must, but please don’t be one of those crying girls who’ve lost their clutch containing their mobile phone and keys, stumbling around stilettoes in hand, hat askew, running mascara everywhere.

So without further adieu, here is my first outfit for you – the Sexy Sophisticate.

Sexy, not skanky.  Subtle yet stand-out.  Doesn’t hurt Eva Longoria also wore it.  Buy here.

Pair with statement shoes like these:

A gorgeous dress like this does not need embellishment, so accessorise with some simple earrings:

You fabulous fillie, you.

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